Online Swinging Dating Guide - Best Swinger Sites Reviews for Couples

Society has become more open and accepting of the fact that a healthy, satisfying relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that it must be between one woman and one man. Even as acceptance grows, swinging still seems to be regarded as taboo, and something that should be kept secret.
Because most of us tend to keep our interest in swinging out of public view, it can be incredibly difficult to find ways of connecting with other swingers, especially when you are new to the lifestyle. You and your partner deserve to be able to find a compatible partner without digging through multiple dead ends and negative experiences before finding the person or couple that brings your most intimate fantasies to life.
We have made the process simpler and more enjoyable for you by trying on practically every dating and hook up site that caters to the swinger lifestyle, and compared them so that you don’t have to, and we have been brutally honest in our assessments.
The result is a comprehensive list, along with reviews, of the top dating sites for swingers. These sites offer you real results which translates into make your fantasies a reality. Each of these sites offers unique features that will further tailor the experience to your needs.
We understand something that many others don’t, and that is that swinging is not a one size fits all experience. Adding some exciting elements to your love life does not mean that you are looking for the exact same swinging experience that someone else might be seeking. You and your partner have unique preferences, tastes and desires and these sites make catering to their top priority.
When you are ready to look for the perfect someone that is both enticing and like-minded, skip the Google search and head straight to these swinger sites instead. With these sites, pleasure and more satisfying intimate life are practically a guarantee.

#1 AdultFriendFinder

Online swinger dating are on the rise and one of the best sites in this category, according to millions of users, is This is one of the swinger sites that have the highest number of members. AdultFriendFinder or AFF was introduced back in 1996. 11 years later, in 2007, AdultFriendFinder was among the 100 most popular website in the US. eople love AdultFriendFinder for many different reasons. ..

#2 SwapFinder

If you are a couple interested in spicing up your sex life with a few swingers’ activities, then should be your next favorite gig. It’s a fact, not every couple is into swingers hookups and as a result, it might prove to be pretty challenging finding other swinger couples in your neighborhood. I mean, how do you even go about it? “Hey, would you like we swipe wives for sex?” More often than not you shall get a hefty blow if you use this approach. ...


Are you searching for a bi-sexual couple to swing with? Swinger dating or temporary partner swapping is becoming rife again thanks to the internet technology. Swinging has become a separate form of internet dating as we speak and there are special websites offer it exclusively. As a bi-sexual or bi-curious couple, you can meet a suitable date on This is a massive dating website with one of the largest bi-sexual community. ..

#4 is best known as the largest swingers’ community in the world with an incredible database of people that are looking for soul mates. It has created a name for itself by hooking up people and allowing them to fulfill their erotic fantasies. There are incredible features such as the speed dating, public and private parties to help couples to socialize and connect. There are also travel events that spice updating. ...

#5 is one of the oldest and most well-known sites for adults who enjoy alternative lifestyles. This site is more known for catering to BDSM lifestyles, so many swingers don’t realize that the it is also a meeting place for all types of kinks and fetishes and that it has a very large swinger user base. This is the place to be when you are looking for open minded, sexually explorative people. ...

#6 is an international swinger dating website with millions of users. This is one of the sites that are focused on helping people looking for casual hookup and having some intimate fun. Of course, this is primarily an adult dating site which means that users can also find hot bisexual individuals, gays, lesbians and other categories of people with an open-minded attitude. ..


SwingLifeStyle is one of the best swinger dating sites you could find today online. This site allows straight, bi and bi-curious people – single or couples – to find exciting sexual adventures online all around the world. It was created in 1998 and it has a huge worldwide community who are looking for a wide variety of interests. ..

Frequently Asked Questions About Seeking Swingers Online

What type of people are we going to find in our search?

The community of couples and singles who are active or interested in the swinger lifestyle is growing. You will find people from all ages and backgrounds on the sites we review. You should not limit yourself or “settle” in terms of finding partners. Our top sites offer the opportunity to tailor your search to find only the most compatible matches.

Are dating sites the only way to connect with other swingers?

No, they are not but you will find that sites that cater to swingers offer the most options and potential. A simple search online for swingers near you will come up with a list of clubs and local services. However, you won’t know if you are compatible until you make the investment with your time and sometimes your money. Online dating sites give you more of an opportunity to peruse all the options and narrow down the selection to only those that fit your dating or hook up criteria.

What about privacy?

You would be hard-pressed to find a fellow swinger that wasn’t at least a little concerned about making sure their private life is kept private. There is an unspoken trust that occurs in the most reputable of swinging communities. With that in mind, it is always a good idea to feel that you know the couple that you are swinging with well enough to know that you have a mutual understanding regarding privacy. If you are concerned about your privacy while using a site, know that these sites take their privacy policies very seriously. Remember that anyone can use these sites, so if you are truly concerned, you can always opt to not share pictures of your face until you have developed a comfortable exchange with someone.

Does “swinging” mean the same thing to everyone?

While most people define swinging as sharing a sexual experience between you and your partner with another couple of single person, there are varying degrees of activity within that description. On the sites that we review, you will find those who are just curious and maybe want to watch. You will find those that only want to be watched, those that are interested in non-penetration activities and those who are open to anything within the exchange. It is important to have an understanding between you and the other couple about what is acceptable and permitted and what is not before things start to get heated.

What happens if we meet a couple and the vibe is there for them but not for us?

The answer to this is very simple. You do not proceed. If the other couple is friendly and really into, take care to let them down easy but be honest and to the point. Simply say this doesn’t feel right and you are not interested at this time. If you feel threatened or otherwise uneasy, just leave. No further explanation is needed. It is important for your safety and the integrity of the relationship that you have with your partner that neither of you ever engage in sexual activities with another person or couple unless you are both completely on board.