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We are swingers.As someone who has enjoyed the opportunity to swing with other couples for years, I have a good sense about the swinger community, including its high points and what it is lacking. I have been in the position of seeking out couples and singles who were interesting in swinging with me and my partner, only to realize that even with swinger clubs and online groups, our options for finding partners that excited and satisfied us both were limited at best.

With limited opportunity to find local, like-minded people on my own, I set out to explore the internet. After all, it seemed as though anyone’s world could be expanded by online communities, so why should that be any different for swingers like you and me? What I found was something that prompted me to devote a great deal of time to not only researching what the swinger lifestyle meant to the people who claimed to live it, but also how we could make the community larger, more supportive and generally more enticing.

It seemed that there were many people out there, just like myself, that wanted to spice things up with their partner, but were put off by fake profiles, fake personalities and couples who really just wanted to tease but not follow through. They had joined numerous dating sites, had started conversations and even tried meeting up but were generally disappointed in the experience. The problem, I discovered, was not with the swinging community itself, but with how we were going about finding others to explore our intimate fantasies with. It turned out that while there were certainly plenty of sites that claimed they would help you find a “playmate”, most of them had more interest in getting your money than providing a service.

That is why I started this site. I have researched practically every swinger dating site that I could find. I have joined them, spent hours devouring the content and tried each one on for size. Some have provided amazing and very satisfying results, while others were just a waste of my time and resources. Because I love the swinging lifestyle and because I have respect for others who do as well, I want to share this information with you so that you can also have the most satisfying experience possible.

The swinger sites that we have listed and reviewed as the best have passed what I consider to be a rigorous test. They must be easy and intuitive to use, they must be worth the time and any money that you invest, they must have a user base that is large enough to cater to desirous swinger couples and singles in every corner of the world and they must be filled with legitimate, real users from a variety of backgrounds, with a rainbow of sexual interests. Basically, there must be something for everyone and it has to be worth the effort.

These sites will satisfy and add as much spice as you can handle to your bedroom play. I suggest you read through each review thoroughly before heading out to create an account of your own so that you know which is the best for you. After all, once you find the site that is a perfect fit, all you need to do is grab your partner explore and play.


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  1. Gloria Smith says:

    Me and my boyfriend are loking for a cool couple to have fun with its our first time

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