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OverView is one of the oldest and most well-known sites for adults who enjoy alternative lifestyles. This site is more known for catering to BDSM lifestyles, so many swingers don’t realize that the it is also a meeting place for all types of kinks and fetishes and that it has a very large swinger user base. This is the place to be when you are looking for open minded, sexually explorative people. With a user base that spans the entire world, you can easily find compatible members for everything including full swinging, soft swinging and just watching, regardless of where you are from or how small your corner of the world is.

Membership Cost and Features offers a standard free membership to everyone who creates an account, along with two additional paid tiered subscription memberships. As a standard member, you are given limited basic access. This access includes the ability to browse through thousands of profiles, although viewing profiles in their entirety does require a paid membership. Your standard free membership also allows you to chat, send IMs and access the site’s interactive magazine feature. The standard membership offers an introduction into alternative lifestyles, including swinging, and if you are just curious or interested but hesitant, the standard membership might be enough to satisfy your curiosity or whet your appetite, and at the very least this membership level provides a few hours of entertaining browsing.

However, if you are experienced, or more serious about the swinging lifestyle, then the standard membership will probably not be enough to fulfill your needs. Simply viewing the thumbnails of enticing members can be frustrating and waiting around for a gold member to contact you is tedious. To really get the most out of, you need to pay for subscription. There are two tiered levels of paid service; Gold and Silver. Each one can be purchased monthly, and in three or twelve-month subscriptions, with the longer-term subscriptions offering a better overall value. Here are the perks and current pricing structure of each.

Gold Members

This tier allows you unlimited contact with other members, first access to new member profiles, priority listing for you own profile, full access to blogs, groups, magazine features and member videos.
• Monthly Subscription: $29.95/month
• 3 Month Subscription: $59.97 billed quarterly (averaging $14.99/month)
• 12 Month Subscription, includes bonus of six free months for a total of 18 months of service: $161.10 billed annually (averaging $8.95/month

Silver Members

This tier allows you to view and contact other members just like the gold membership. With this tier, you receive second priority ranking of your profile, ability to contact new members although you don’t get the same first access that comes with the gold membership, partial access to blogs, groups and magazines, and access to member video intros only

• Monthly Subscription: $19.95/month
• 3 Month Subscription: $35.97 billed quarterly (averaging $11.99/month)
• 12 Month Subscription: $107.40 billed annually (averaging $8.95/month)

In addition to the tiered memberships you also have the option to add on the following subscription enhancements:

• Connect with standard members by allowing them limited access to your profile and the ability to contact you. This is a 12-month subscription billed annually at $107.40 ($8.95/month) or $19.95 for a single month and is only available as on add on to a paid account
• You can add a highlight to your listing so that you stand out in the search results and emails that you send. The price for this feature is $9.95/month with a slight discount for longer subscriptions.
• One of this site’s main fetishes is BDSM. If you like the idea of a little darkness with your swing, you can add unlimited BDSM video streaming to your account for $14.95/month.

Sign Up Process

Signing up and gaining access to is quite simple. All you need to begin is an email account and a birthday. After this point, you begin the process of creating your account and profile, which is slightly more work, however it is on par with the questions and screening process that comes with any dating or hookup site.

Once you create your account, you will receive an email that briefly explains how to get more out of your experience, with links to features such as a fetish checklist, cupid preferences and privacy preferences. Just getting access to the site and paying for a membership takes no more than ten minutes. To make the most out of your experience, you and your partner would want to sit down and invest at least an hour into completing your profile and preferences.

Protect Your Privacy serves a customer base with an incredible variety of fetish interests, and respects your right to privacy as you seek adventure and sexual fulfilment. They offer an extensive list of privacy preference settings for your account and 24/7 customer support for all privacy issues.

One feature of this site that I found especially respectable was a link at the bottom titled “protect kids”. This link explains their stand on children under the age of 18 attempting to use their site, and acknowledges that while they have protections in place, there really is only so much that they can do. With that, they give thoughtful and thorough advice on how to keep kids safe from sexual predators on the internet while also preventing them from creating false accounts on adult only sites such as Alt. com. This goes above and beyond what many adult sites offer in terms of preventing illegal, underage use.

Unique Features

• Ice Breakers: You can set up a message that automatically goes out to new users who match your preferences.
• Fetish Checklist to personalize your experience
• Cupid Reports
• Purity Test
• Live member videos and webcams
• Option to create a member blog
• Option to pay for premium features using a point system, rather than paying for a subscription. Points can be purchased or earned by referring friends and uploading pictures.


• Incredibly large member base, with members all over the world
• Exhaustive kink search and the option to highlight additional kinks to heat up your next swing playdate.
• Free, although limited, membership available
• Fun extras such as the purity test
• Even though this site does not cater specifically to swingers, the swinger userbase is very large and it is easy to start conversations with likeminded people.
• Explicit and engaging member photos


• You are very limited with what you can access and do with the free account. To make it worth your time and effort, a paid account is necessary.
• Some of the profiles seem as though they might not be completely legit, so a wariness of fake profiles is necessary.
• The site design feels as though it hasn’t been updated in about twenty years. The background is dark, and the site feels crowded. As a new user, you need to do a fair amount of clicking around to find some features.
• Memberships are pricey, and the paid add-ons are features that should already be included in a paid subscription.
• This is one of the largest alternative sites out there, and while this offers plenty of options, the fact that they are so big and cater to so many interest can detract from the experience.


While this site is not specifically geared toward the swinging lifestyle, the membership base is so large that it is impossible to not find some appealing prospects. Within minutes of signing up, you will see that there are literally thousands of couples that match your preferences, although some of them will be several hours away, which is a deal breaker for many couples. You will also start your with an inbox full of messages, sent via icebreakers, from existing members that are looking for someone just like you.

Alt. com, in my opinion is best for those new to swinging, simply because all the options give you the opportunity to explore and really discover what your preferences and tastes are. Couples who are more serious and experienced are likely to be put off by digging through the thousands of members who are just curious, just playing or simply don’t know what they are looking for. The size of this site can be considered a plus or minus depending upon which side you are approaching it from. You really can’t enjoy all the benefits of the site with the standard membership, so I recommend starting with one month of the Gold membership. Use the month to check out as many members as possible, set up a coupledates and take advantage of the awesome premium features before making deciding to make a larger monetary commitment. A little time on will leave you feeling like a couple of kids in a candy store.