Enjoyment of Swinging Sex Only Swinger Couples Know

swinging couplesIn the recent past, there has been an increasing debate on the new lifestyle which has emerged known as swinging. The genesis of this lifestyle started in the early fifties where it was referred to as wife swapping where it started gaining popularity among middle – aged couples. Being a new way of life, there were a lot of debates about it as some viewed it as improper behavior which had an adverse effect on women as they viewed it as an act of male domination while others supported it entirely saying that it was beneficial to both the married and the unmarried individuals. Swinging can be referred to as a lifestyle of non-monogamy where sexual relations happen outside the established couple. The primary attitude among swingers is to avoid romantic attachment with their outside partners thereby making it a social activity.

Swinger couples are partners who choose to maintain an open relationship where they allow their partners to engage in sex with other people, with their permission. Couples who seek this kind of lifestyle are mostly interested in excitement from another partner which they may not be getting from their main partners. For instance, an individual may be enjoying the way someone else satisfies him/ her which may not be the same with their long term partner. Another case maybe when a couple gets a child, and the woman cannot engage in sexual activities in not less than six weeks after birth thus making the man to find a way of fulfilling his sexual desires with the consent of the wife. Swinging among couples is based on trust and the fact that the couple is very secure with each other thus making it comfortable to engage in this lifestyle. A partner may have traveled away from the other partner thus giving him/ her consent to participate in sexual fulfillment with another partner.

Swinging among couples has proved to be advantageous among those who engage in it as with the practice; there is a new friendship created among the players which may be of the opposite sex while enjoying sexual pleasures all together. It improves the bedroom relationship as some couples may choose to watch other couples and learn from them on how to create sexual excitement thus spicing their marriage. Several studies have shown that couples who engage in swinging have an increased ego, self-esteem as well as an improved sexual mood. Therefore, these couples experience a lasting relationship as there is a reduced pressure in the bedroom and also making those who find it difficult to be faithful to their partner acceptable and be able to bring up a healthy family.

There are several methods associated with swinging which range from soft, closed and open swinging and different couples choose each method according to their preference.  Soft swinging is among the core procedures of introducing a couple into the lifestyle. In this method, one set of partners share the same sexual space with other partners, but there is no touching of other partners apart from your mate. The method is mostly a foreplay with other members in the sexual room while having intercourse with only your partner. The other way of swinging is the closed swinging which is largely regarded by many as for the most experienced swingers. The method involves taking one or more partners in a room away from your main partner and having penetrative sex with them. With this method its main objective is to have sexual freedom among partners with different persons, while still maintaining privacy in the primary relationship.

Open or full swap swinging is the other most common method of swinging. With this approach, partners are openly shared mostly on the same bed. The method may engage a threesome, foursome or even more and the primary objective of the process is to obtain sexual pleasure while still maintaining a direct contact with the main partner. Open or full swapping may result to negative emotions, disagreement and jealousy among the major partners hence there is need to give out limits which must be adhered to before engaging in this activity. In most cases, this method of swinging is mainly used by experienced swingers due to the stated problems that may arise.

swinger activitiesSwinger dating has gone through tremendous changes over the years, and today it is easy to spot a swinger in the locality. In the past swing dating was difficult as the participants had a tiresome procedure of emailing their images to their prospects and also getting feedback from them took time. Also having the confidence to walk into an adult bookstore and to purchase a magazine was a challenge but today individuals engaging in swinger dating can quickly and conveniently log on to a swinger dating site using their computers or mobile apps where they can find like-minded adults. These dating sites have a huge number of participants thus making it easy for an individual to get the right partner who best fits one’s specification and preference.

Hooking up among swingers has become comfortable as most of the countries have well-established clubs where the swingers meet and hookup with other swingers in a friendly atmosphere for such activities. There are also resorts, cruise ships, conventions private parties and other related events where swinger couples can hook up easily. These hookup places differ from each other as one may find others with rooms which are dark where strangers engage in sexual activities without knowing each other while other rooms may be for swapping partners among couples and others for observation only where partners observe and learn from the players.

With the widespread of this lifestyle, it is now evident that it is becoming an accepted lifestyle choice among individuals all over the world as opposed to the past where it was considered as an extreme alternative lifestyle. This is evident with the massive growth in dating sites, the openness of swingers in talking about and also the large attendance of swingers in the swinger clubs and other gathering places.

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