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OverView is best known as the largest swingers’ community in the world with an incredible database of people that are looking for soul mates. It has created a name for itself by hooking up people and allowing them to fulfill their erotic fantasies. There are incredible features such as the speed dating, public and private parties to help couples to socialize and connect. There are also travel events that spice updating. You are guaranteed of an experience of a lifetime, and on top of that, you will get exactly what you are looking for from the fun and erotic members. Try out first with the free trial account version to get a taste of what you will get once you are a full member.

Membership Cost and Features

We are dedicated to winning you over with the no fee activation. You are allowed to activate your profile, and it lasts for seven days to ease you through the process of becoming a member of the team. Once you become a member, you can request for invitations for the private parties that take place at the homes of one of the members. Also, you get access to the events that are set to take place a couple of times in a year. There are usual holidays in resorts in areas like Mexico and French Riviera. Swingers hook up and spend a vacation together, but you should note that they cost a couple of thousand dollars. Book your spot and become part of the band waggon.
Below is a membership plan that you can consider.

Duration Total amount
12 months (365 days) Billed in one charge as $119.95
6 months (182 days) Billed in one charge as $79.95
3 months (92 days) Billed in one charge as $49.95
1 month (30 days) Billed in one charge as $22.95

Sign Up Process

The sign-up process is simple. It involves filling out information such as your email address, your gender, your location, your password, your username and your promo code. The process is straightforward and fast estimated to take up at least ten minutes and a maximum of twenty minutes. Unlike the other traditional dating sites, Swinger Sites are more about physical appearance, openness, and sexual preference. At, you get to view other people’s profiles images after signing up. On the other hand, members receive an in-depth access to one’s profile.

Protect Your Privacy

Privacy is a key factor in swinger dating sites, and at you have the upper hand in shielding your information and regulating the degree of disclosure. As a user, you have the ability to control the extent at which the photos will be displayed in your profile. Also, allows one to create events that require invites only to lock out others that you may not want in the events. In our site, the real names are not to be listed in the profiles, and the users of this site receive direct communication from it. Furthermore, our users have an option that allows them to divulge personal information to a level that they seem fit. The privacy policy best describes the measures that have been put in place to safeguard the information of the people using the site.

Unique Features comprises of incredible features that are different from the traditional dating sites. It has established an active community that is involved in forums and blogs. Also, the videos have been incorporated into the site to give a visual impression to the people that have signed up. The organised swinger dating and events that feature worldwide getaways are something special. People get to interact with each other in the public and organised events. Speed dating is also a new thing that allows members to get to know each other without getting bored. The other important detail is the sexual openness and the sexual preference. Couples are now in a position of finding out intimate details easing out the dating process.


There are merits to using, this dating site. Below is a list of the things you will enjoy once you sign up.

• The members get to attend swinging vacations and other listed public events. It gives Swinger Couples a chance to interact and mingle with the members in a fun filled event.
• You also get to go through the various private parties and public events to select one that best fits you.
• The site offers you a comprehensive breakdown in regards to the degree of openness. One gets to choose the in-depth of openness.
• Members will be able to communicate through instant chats and other specified messaging platforms, allowing them to send invites and to interact freely.


As we all know everything that has an advantage will as well have a disadvantage that will require one to work around it. Below is a list of the demerits.

• Also, there is no guarantee, and you do not get your money back.
• It will take some getting used to before one can manage to navigate fully and freely on the site.


In my point of view, I would say that online swinger dating has been elevated to new heights. The incredible features transform the traditional dating to a new and spicing way of interacting with new people. The site caters to the people that are looking for a short time sexual encounter through speed dating. Furthermore, you get to have fun in the events as well as meet people. You do not have to worry, get to explore your sexual fantasies after finding someone that matches what you are looking for in life. has got you covered in terms of preferences. It has a database of different members, and therefore you are guaranteed that you will find what you want through interacting and mixing with other members. Joining the community will ensure that you get to have fun in a sexy way. Know who will be attending an event by reading the blogs and get to mingle with a lot of people.

To sum it all up, I would say that it is time you signed up for the fun. Do not be left out.