A Walk Through of the Swingers Club: Where Swinging Couples Are Hooking Up

swinger roomI am an extreme partier and lover of alcohol and all beautiful things. I pride myself as the been there, done that type of girl. But I do believe in advancing and improving. Fortunately, my two best friends were interested in opening my eyes to a whole new world. They claim that going to a swingers club will broaden my horizon. I have heard interesting stories about swingers club, but have never been there before. The basic impression that I have gotten was a mountain full of people having sex in one place. I was a little bit curious as to what the experience might be like, so I have agreed to go the swingers club with them.


My first experience in a swingers club was in Las Vegas Nevada. It was very nerve-racking and intimidating to step foot in an environment that is very unknown and out of the ordinary. When we enter the check-in desk, we had to sign a nondisclosure which states that “what goes on here stays in here.” We were not allowed to take pictures or selfies in there. The guest in the club were all anonymous and everything was confidential. This was to protect everybody’s reputation. One of the most dangerous parts of being in these clubs was the fact that it can ruin your reputation. Afterward, we would make a payment for the admissions fee. We were directed to a locked room where we can put our stuff away. I have noticed that everybody was wearing lingerie, bikinis, or better yet, naked. There were also people wearing mask and costumes.


One area of the club contains a bar, a booth, dance floor, poles, and a cage. There were strippers, pole dancers, and beautiful erotic women in the cage. The club was dark with dimly, lit lights and dancers everywhere. It was like being in an inferno or Lair. There was also another room with a huge hot tub, spa, and Jacuzzi. There were even couples having orgies in the water. I also notice that some people like to sit and watch. As I walk further down, I notice a big door that was shielded off. It leads to a room that we had to pay extra to get in. This requires that everyone gets naked. The room contains a bed and a lot of BDSM toys, whip, chain, leather, etc.


What I like most about the club was that it has multiple rooms, so provides us with different choices depending on our mood. If you just want to dance and chill, you can be at the club, the bar or the booth. If you want to be in the water, there’s the spa or hot tub. If you really want to get kinky, you can be in the BDSM room or the sex room with the huge bed. 


Another aspect I love about the club was that it was filled with different types of people. There were beginners like me who are just curious about the atmosphere. We just sat there and watch, it could be awkward at first, but eventually, we will get used to the idea and become more comfortable with it. It was pretty cool, I met some amazing people and got some phone numbers. There were a lot of swinging couples, swinging daters, swinging hook ups, or swingers in general. They’re all here to be free of society’s’ limitations. During the normal workdays, we are to act appropriate and proper to fit into society. The usual conversation about sex, BDSM, swinging, or being kinky was frowned upon. You could lose your job by acting on your urges. The swingers club provides an opportunity for individuals to unleash their true selves so they can be open and free. This allows us to discuss taboo subjects pertaining to sex.


In a normal world, if you were interested in a girl or a guy, you would have to move slow and entice them with a good conversation. Fortunately in the swingers club, if you were interested in someone, you are free to go up to them and ask for sex without having to waste time on flirting.They can either answer yes or no, whereas, in the real world, you will get slapped in the face for asking. Also in the swingers world, if you find someone’s wife or husband attractive, you can go up to them and ask to touch or hook up with them. Unfortunately in the real world, if you even dare to make any sexual suggestions to someone’s spouse, you might get punched in the face.


swingers clubsThe swingers club has a very animalistic feel to it. Everyone was hungry for each other and trying to turn their fantasies into reality. I didn’t do anything crazy during my first visit but I nevertheless enjoy the experience. I guess I was too shy or intimidated, it was another world that was too extravagant, real, and genuine. This enables us to step over every single boundary that separates us from animals. Through this experience, I have learned a lot about the swingers world and the people in it. The words cheating, infidelity, loyalty, control, restraint does not exist in the swingers world. Everybody is free to do as they please as long as nobody was hurt. Because of the lack of limitations, I might have to take baby steps to fully experience the swingers life. If I were to slowly get myself into this lifestyle, I would definitely invest in body-deodorant and Victoria’s Secret perfume to make myself more enticing and attractive for the opportunity.


At Least, I was open minded enough to witness an orgy, but not enough to try one. I was able to touch a person’s abs, but not brave enough to put my body against it. Maybe someday, I will be brave enough to live out that free, wonderful life. After all, I do have a couple of fantasies that I would like to turn into reality.

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