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SwingLifeStyle is one of the best swinger dating sites you could find today online. This site allows straight, bi and bi-curious people – single or couples – to find exciting sexual adventures online all around the world. It was created in 1998 and it has a huge worldwide community who are looking for a wide variety of interests. People who are into the swinger lifestyle can look for people, groups, clubs and events around the world in this website to have a good time by living new, fun and wild experiences.

Membership Cost and Features

You can start in this swinger site by having a free account. Instead of other dating websites, SwingLifeStyle offers a lot of options for free members. The approval of your account could take some minutes or an entire hour, and after this you will be able to enjoy of limited features such as viewing and searching for profiles, chatting and sending mails.

Subscriptions costs depend on how many months you want to be a paid member: $14.95 for a month, $29.95 for three months, $49.95 for six months, and $69.95 for an entire year. With any of these subscriptions you unlock other features such as allowing nudity, personal and private pictures, rating clubs and owing a group. The features you have available as a free member – chatting, viewing and searching for profiles and others – are now unlimited. There is also the option of being a lifetime member. Its cost is $149.95. All the features of the website are now unlimited for you including some new ones such as approving new members or personal and private images. You can also enjoy new updates before anyone else. Some features such as the hot dates, the mobile app and the club ownership are unlimited since the free membership.

Sign Up Process

The signing up process is really simple. The first thing the website will ask you is your username, your password, if you’re a male, female or couple, and if you are at least 18 years old. After agreeing with the terms and conditions of the website, you will be asked your name, your e-mail and your country and city. Now it’s time for answering some questions which will determine how your profile will look and what people will appear available for you. First of all, you need to say if you’re into just watching another person or couple, into some soft activities such as touching and oral play with someone else or if you’re looking for the entire experience of full and wild sex. Then you fill some blank spaces with your age, height, weight and your sexual orientation. The options below allow you to choose if you want to meet straight, bi or bi-curious males, females or couples, and the ages you will like those people were. You can also specify if you smoke and drink and if you want people who do the same or not. The part of describing who you are and what you want has come. You can also describe your previous experiences with people or in clubs. By doing all this you will be able of finding the specific people you want, and people who look for you will see if you fulfill all the requirements they have. Finally, you can choose your membership. After this, you’re free to start doing any swingers hookup you’re interested in.

Protect Your Privacy

You can turn on and off some things so they don’t get to be displayed. For instance, you can hide your groups, friends and events or announcements and newsletters so they don’t appear in the home page.

Unique Features

An amazing feature of SwingLifeStyle is that it keeps you updated because of all the news that get into your private mail – the one inside the website, not your e-mail. You will know about events, places and groups nearby you. Another great feature is that SwingLifeStyle is not just a website where you can do some swinging dating, but you can also buy sex toys, sexual lubes and sexual enhancements. If you’re interested in traveling to have a good time, you could find hotels, parties and even cruisers where you can meet people and have some exciting and relaxing time all by yourself or with your couple.


Free members are able of enjoying a lot of features other websites would charge, such as viewing profiles and chatting. You can enjoy some time not only knowing people but also reading some interesting and hot sex stories, or learning some things about the swinger lifestyle with the forums. A great pro is the how you can look for groups around the world. A map will appear and you can select your continent or country, so all the options can appear. There are several types of groups, so you can choose which ones you are interested in. Something people love is that it’s really simple to learn how to use this website.


One of the cons of this swinger site is its interface, there is nothing attractive about it. One of the things that get people’s attention about a website is its interface, and the one of SwingLifeStyle looks like if it hasn’t been improved since it was created.Another con is how real pictures are. The website asks for pictures of people.Any picture of an object or a draw could be eliminated, but there is no certainty that the pictures which shows a body or a face belong to the owner of the profile.


SwingLifeStyle is a complete website where you will find everything you are looking for. Its simplicity is something everyone can find attractive, but an improvement to its interface would make it better. The variety of things people are looking for here makes of this website a great one for experiencing everything you haven’t experienced so far. Whatever activity or stereotype of person you’re into, you can find it here. Age and sexual orientation don’t matter here. I highly recommend this website for anyone who wants to enjoy life at its best.